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Introducing Waffle, your outsourced marketing solution

Here at Waffle we are very excited to finally introduce ourselves! Waffle was born from a desire to create an honest, straightforward, and versatile agency to support companies by providing quality and cost-effective marketing and project management services.

At Waffle we offer the expertise and guidance normally found within a specialist agency or internal Marketing team, and we pride ourselves on building trust and confidence with our customers by embracing all that we do with honesty, integrity and simplicity. We call it a no-waffle approach, that delivers.

How we work

We very much see ourselves as an extension to your business, your remote, marketing arm. Why? Because we recognise not every business is looking to employ a marketing team nor do they want the costs that come with a specialist marketing agency, and so that’s where Waffle comes in.

Working closely with businesses so we can make maximum impact, we offer a diverse range of marketing services from classic direct mail and print, to website build, digital marketing, social media marketing and outsourced account and project management.

We support a variety of businesses from start-ups looking for help to get off the ground through to established businesses and charities seeking marketing resource or capabilities they do not have in house.

Introducing us

We are the three Co-Founders of Waffle - Chris, Clare and Matt - and between us we have an extensive background in marketing and account management spanning many years and industries.

Chris, our client partner, has been in the industry since the 1990s and has worked with some great teams and clients over the years, moving between financial services companies, suppliers and creative agencies.

Clare is our marketing specialist with a broad background in client-side marketing communications and now specialises in social media marketing after gaining her Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing.

Matt is our commercial expert and a key part of his role is building exciting and successful relationships with clients, suppliers and like-minded individuals. Matt’s background has taken him on a marketing journey of client side and agency settings as well as creative and production environments, with a focus on Client Services and Business Development.

To quote Matt, our Commercial Partner, “I strongly believe the three of us have created something special that will support Start ups and Small to Medium Sized businesses on their own journeys, whilst forging some great new relationships along the way.”

Let us help you

As the working landscape continues to undergo change, the need for flexible, adaptable, remote, and cost-effective solutions have never been more important.

If you have a need for marketing support and expertise, please get in touch with the team at Waffle to see how we can help support you and your business.

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