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Do you make things easy for your customers?

I mean specifically if someone wants to buy from you or make a booking - what does that process look like?

If people can call you to book/buy - do you have staff to manage the phone calls or a voicemail system so you can pick up the messages when you're available and respond in a timely manner?

If people can email you - do you have a target response time and do you tell your customers when that is to help manage their expectations?

If you have an online booking system - does it actually work? This is something that you should always test and keep an eye on. And if you don't have an online booking system yet, well that's certainly something to explore. In a digital world where consumers want to be able to do things at a time and place to suit them and in as easy and hassle free a way as possible, the ability to book or buy online should definitely be considered.

Many businesses have recently reopened and are no doubt extremely busy right now, but when you get a chance to reflect(!) it will definitely be worth your while to sense check your customer experience.

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