Data Cleansing & Postage

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Data cleansing is one of the most important and often overlooked areas in Direct Mail. It’s not as much fun as creating a DM pack or enhancing your marketing message, but ignore it at your peril. You can create a fantastic mailing but end up throwing money away if your data isn’t clean and current. Recent GDPR legislation means this is now a necessity for all.

We can offer a free data audit that will show the health of your data and allow you to choose the data services that will help enhance and make your data as accurate and as targeted as possible. Services include:

  • ​PAF enhancement (Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File)

  • De-duplication: at Individual, Surname or address level

  • Removal of incomplete records, overseas records and profanities

  • MPS (Mailing Preference Service)

  • Gone-away services: GAS, NCOA, Equifax and Experian files

  • Mortality services: including Mortascreen, NCOA Suppress and the National Deceased Register              


We can also offer advice in creating a mailing piece that will give you the best postage options and save money. Couple this with possible additional savings with Advertising and Responsible Mail products and you can start seeing how we can help guide you in reducing your total mail piece price, increasing your ROI and freeing up the budget for additional activity. 


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